Praise for the Unheralded Artists of BC series

“Mother Tongue is to be congratulated  for launching its timely Unheralded Artists of BC series.”-Maria Tippett, author

“Mona Fertig and her series “Unheralded Artists of British Columbia” has made a wonderful start on filling the gaps in our art history.  There are lots of the unheralded in B.C. art, and I’m hoping that this series will go on and on.” –Cheryl Siegel, Librarian/Archivist, Vancouver Art Gallery

"You are doing a great service for the cultural history of British Columbia by publishing these books, and I marvel that you can do it on such a modest budget."–Michael J. Audain, The Audain Foundation

"The Unheralded Artists of BC series is a treasure. These books bring to light artists unfairly forgotten whose works amply reward our attention. Exquisitely produced, the series is an illuminating and inspiring resource for scholars, curators, artists and any reader with an interest in the diverse history of the visual arts in Canada."–Bob MacIntyre, Preparator/ Exhibition Coordinator, Burnaby Art Gallery
"It is too easy to dismiss historical British Columbian art as insignificant. Work created prior to the 1970’s tends to be relegated to the unimportant bin. Although unknown, many artists from the late nineteenth century through to the twentieth century laid the foundations for current art to flourish. The Unheralded Artists of BC will do a great deal to change our collective amnesia." –Letia Richardson (1943-2010), curator and writer, First Class: Four Graduates from the Vancouver School of Decorative and Applied Arts, 1929
"In a province with thousands of wonderful unheralded artists, Mother Tongue Publishing’s project is an important beginning to what will no doubt become a really significant series of books."–Bill Jeffries, former Director, SFU Gallery
"For a variety of reasons, the work of many competent artists has never been shown in public exhibitions or been the subject of professional critiques during their lifetimes. Fertig is redressing this lack in the beautifully designed, articulate monographs in her new series, ensuring each subject a well-deserved permanent place in the public realm." –Ann Rosenberg, Vancouver freelance critic and curator
"Regional art histories are the foundational building blocks of the everevolving national narrative. Without a confident understanding of these local scenes we can never speak authoritatively of the nature of our national accomplishment. In this regard Mother Tongue’s new series must be enthusiastically applauded."–Dennis Reid, Professor, History of Art, University of Toronto, and author of A Concise History of Canadian Painting.
"Having performed as an art museum director and curator as well as a visual arts journalist and art historian on both sides of the 49th parallel for over forty years; I must admit that I have not, during that reflective period of time, ever experienced a more compelling, fascinating and original series of visual art publications than The Unheralded Artists of BC a thoughtful and much welcomed initiative. "–Brooks Joyner, Director, Allentown Art Museum, USA
"Every gallery owner or curator interested in Canadian art history should welcome this significant series, which opens, for the first time, the door on unacknowledged artists and their forgotten legacies."–Barrie Mowatt-President, Vancouver Biennale
"Our art museums and public galleries in many cases do not organize the retrospectives that our senior artists past and present deserve, in order that we may appreciate their accomplishment and situate it intelligently within the narrative of our aesthetic cuture. This series is one way to restore the balance for at least some of our artists.” –Barry Lord, Co-President, Lord Cultural Resources, Toronto

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