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Patrin by Theresa Kishkan

the story takes on dimensions of a fairy tale, rich and verdant with a touch of magic, with an ending that in retrospect was inevitable, and is also perfect.

This novella reads like a prose poem.

Under the 49th Tree

Her new book is a jewel, beautiful to look at and to hold.-Van Sun

Patrin’s Journey of the Heart

Melancholy, plangent, luminous: in case of fire, break glass and release the adjectives, people!
Theresa Kishkan’s new novella from Mother Tongue Publishing, Patrin, is every bit as remarkable as one might hope
. -Katka Prajznerova

Most Anticipated Fall Fiction

Patrin’s Journey of the Heart

The Life and Art of Jack Akroyd

Rescued from Obscurity

The Commentary interview

Vancouver's Jack Akroyd finally gets his artistic due
Jack Akroyd may be the most interesting Vancouver artist you’ve never heard of.-Georgia Straight

BC BookLook

Preview magazine

Astonishing paintings by an artist you thought you didn't know, stunningly reproduced by Mother Tongue, a publisher with a mission, make this a book to treasure. Like others in the Unheralded Artists of BC series, Akroyd's is not a household name, but Peter Busby fits him into the context of twentieth century Canadian art [with side looks at British and Japanese], while revealing a personality and a talent which deserve recognition. The text annotates but does not intrude on the fantastic-realistic world narrated in the art.
British Columbia readers of my generation will find themselves in neighbourhoods they used to know and marvel at our own rich history, and thank Busby and Mother Tongue for re-opening that heritage.-Phyllis Reeve

a short history of crazy bone by Patrick Friesen

Crazy Bone Star of Long Poem
“Elegant and ephemeral, Friesen’s work observes an unknowable character”- Dennis E. Bolen, VAN SUN

Philosophy is his medicine bundle. Resistance and resilience are power here, as are hour and high literary craft. This is a wise book of witness.”–Harold Rhenisch, ARC

Friesen explores life of Crazy Bone in new long poem

Braided Skin by Chelene Knight

Interview: Room Magazine

Co-op Radio’s Wax Poetic (click the April 8 2015 link)

Review // The Poetries: 5 West Coast Poets

A poet’s identity report, with always the chance of unraveling

12 or 20 (second series) questions with Chelene Knight

Check out my April 12, radio spot (I’m on the last 10 minutes of the podcast) on CBC Radio’s North by Northwest! 

Cover girl for the spring issue of BC BookWorld

Gone South and Other Ways to Disappear by Julia Leggett

Wise beyond her years

How to Disappear Completely: Sophie McCreesh reviews Gone South and Other Ways to Disappear

Debut collection embraces female experience

Flowers We Will Never Know the Names Of by Cathy Ford

"The lessons of resilience, tenacity, weaving remembrances into a garland
serves to shore up our alphabet dance."- Anne Burke, Feminist Caucus Newsletter, LPG

"Beautifully and provocatively rendered with 'so many flowers, the mind is dazed with revolution.'”- Mary Ann Moore, Van Sun, –From Five 2014 Favourites of Mary Ann Moore

Anniversary of a Montreal Massacre

The Life and Art of Harry and Jessie Webb by Adrienne Webb

"The Unheralded Artists of BC series is the brainchild of Mother Tongue publisher Mona Fertig, who deserves our praise on at least three counts: one, the books are beautiful; two, the series redresses a wrong by reviving interest in deserving but neglected artists; three, these books tell us about ourselves, placing their subjects in the context of the recent cultural past of Western Canada." -Phyllis Reeve, Amphora, Fall 2014

"Mother Tongue Publishing is to be congratulated for launching its timely Unheralded Artists of BC Series, and Adrienne Brown commended for retrieving the reputations of two artists who had never previously made it into the history books, and for ensuring that they are not forgotten today."-Maria Tippett

"Brown's text is fluid and well paced..the book's design is a pleasure"- Galleries West

Harry and Jessie Webb: Artists in Vancouver's Jazz Age captures a bygone era

"Sensitively told and visually pleasing,  this touching biography of a talented but little-known artist couple contributes to the larger history of art in British Columbia."–Kathryn Boschmann

Harry and Jessie Webb filled their world with art

Artists in Vancouver’s Jazz Age

Interview with Adrienne Brown

Salt Spring Sleuth celebrates with series of books, B.C.'s unsung Artists
'Fertig deserves far more support than she has so far for this fascinating & noble project'-Robert Amos  

When boho was boffo
"…a wise piece of work, fair but unsparing, and full of daughterly affection. Just as attractive is the way the book sketches many other talented craft-based artists of the time who were all connected somehow, often through the Vancouver School of Art, but without ever becoming a clique."- VAN Sun, George Fetherling

Harry and Jessie Webb

Interview and images in the Homes & Living Magazine- Oct-Nov, 2014


Mythic Grayling

A List of Books for all the Types on Your List

Writer, Poet in Prince George

An Interview with Gillian Wigmore: on what it really takes to write a novella

Between the Shores of the Sacred and the Profane: Descant’s Jack Hostrawser Reviews Grayling 

Great Summer Reads

"Grayling is a sweet, swift story that expands to hold a huge range of emotions. From the soft-focus descriptions of nature to the heated moments between characters, this atmospheric novella packs the punch of a full-length novel. Wigmore has crafted an iconic and engaging BC tale."-Lindsay Williams, Galiano Books, 49th Shelf

"pitch-perfect language, brilliantly-paced plot, deceptively slim book that packs a mighty wallop"- BC Bookworld

CBC NXNW-Grayling takes us on a spellbinding and poetic journey down the Dease River, and it was inspired by Gillian's real-life canoe trips with her own family.

Gillian Wigmore interviewed on The Commentary

Ending is mysterious and shocking, unsettling and swift.

A Recipe for Disaster & Other Unlikely Tales of Love by Eufemia Fantetti

WINNER of the 2014 F.G. Bressani Literary Prize for Short Fiction


Eufemia at launch of new lit mag Humber Review

Eufemia Fantetti is a Runner-Up for the Danuta Gleed Literary Award and wins $500

A Recipe for Disaster reads exceptionally well because Fantetti writes so well

Short-listed for the Danuta Gleed Literary Award
Eufemia Fantetti’s slim volume of stories, A Recipe for Disaster, is more of a treat than a snack for literary foodies who like their stories fun, brisk, and effortless. The theme of food is sustained without dominating the stories; it functions like a recurring secondary character or a soundtrack. Fantetti’s storytelling is both supple and disciplined as if she were whisking plots and characters together until the reader can hardly distinguish whether characters are acting or being acted upon. True to life, that’s how disasters work.

Short stories cut to the bone

Wickedly Droll Tales of Domestic Disappointments
Debut Collection delicious recipe for delightful reading experience

I loved this book's subtle sweet, sweet subversion

LUCKY by Kathryn Para

Finalist for the Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize!
"complex and compelling, gripping from beginning to end"

Guest Blog

Evocative and powerful

Finalist for the Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize!

CBC NXNW Interview

Lucky, a novel by Kathryn Para goes behind the lines of war
Astonishing Novel about a photojournalist's season in hell
"Astonishing in scope and depth"
"Astonishing as a first novel"
Review by MAC Farrant

For the tough cookie in your life:

Ani is a woman in pursuit of her dream -- to photograph a notorious terrorist in Iraq. What could go wrong? She brings along the many prescription pills she'll need to swallow, and the ideals she'll be pressed to cough up. Author Para carves Ani's relationships -- to men, to war, to her own ambitions -- with hard, jagged edges. This assured novel, winner of the second Search for the Great B.C. Novel Contest, is, in more than one sense, a heart pounder.

Brilliant, lucid prose

Kathryn Para discusses her first novel, Lucky with Joseph Planta

Kathryn Para at the Vancouver Writers Festival

Kathy Para’s Lucky wins Great BC Novel Contest

Kathy Para gets Lucky with her debut novel

Author Kathy Para’s new novel Lucky wins Great BC Novel Contest

2nd Search for the Great BC Novel Contest

The Life and Art of Edythe Hembroff- Schleicher by Christina Johnson-Dean

A friend and supporter of Emily Carr, Edythe Hembroff-Schleicher is worth knowing about in her own right.

Unheralded Artist brought to Light

On the Commentary

Art & Survival? What about the survival of art?  Mona Fertig - publisher, poet, book artist - is on a mission  to reconize artists of the recent past, who have been undeservedly neglected. Her Mother Tongue Publishing has just launched  The Life and Art of Edythe Hembroff-Schleicher -  the sixth in the series The Unheralded Artists of BC.A beautiful book, a fascinating subject, and surprising, sometimes dazzling art. – Phyllis Reeve

Edythe Hembroff-Schleicher: Portrait of Emily Carr’s friend

Unsung Victoria artist brought to light

FORCE FIELD 77 Women Poets of BC edited by Susan Musgrave

BCBookLook-Unheralded Joseph Planta has been conducting interviews for his website The Commentary for ten years. Here follows his conversation with Victoria-born, Haida Gwaii resident Susan Musgrave, editor of  Force Field: 77 Women Poets of British Columbia (Mother Tongue Publishing) during which Planta exhibits one of the most important skills for any interviewer: knowing how to listen.

FORCE FIELD A celebration of West Coast words- Mary Ann Moore

Interview with Susan Musgrave on The Commentary

Review-by Catherine Owen

Recording of the VPL launch by Paul Nelson of Seattle 

Quill & Quire article

Photos of VPL launch

Bright Lights: Force Field book launch

Four Northeast Representatives in BC Poetry Anthology

111 West Coast Literary Portraits by Barry Peterson and Blaise Enright


People First Radio- Van Is

Portraits celebrate B.C.'s literary treasures

'Invaluable' book portrays literary figures in B.C.

Mona Fertig on the Commentary,

"A marvellous book is out now, 111 West Coast Literary Portraits. It's a handsome coffee table book from Mother Tongue Publishing featuring the portraits taken by Barry Peterson and Blaise Enright" - Joseph Planta, The Commentary Barry Peterson on the Commentary,

Celebrating BC authors-Brian Brennan's Blog

Daniela Elza reports on MTP's 5 year celebration and book launch

Portrait Book Gives Visual Identity to BC writers "111 West Coast Portraits beautifully bound and printed amply demonstrates the amazing number of good writers living on the coast"- Elizabeth Nolan

Interview with Barry Peterson

The Life and Art of Ina D.D. Uhthoff by Christina Johnson-Dean

Finalist for the Victoria Butler Book Prize

Christina Johnson-Dean at the 2013 Galiano Literary Festival

Book Launch Video at ArtSpring by Scott Simmons of Artbeat Salt Spring's CFSI 107.9fm

The Life and Art of Ina D. D. Uhthoff, the fifth in a series on unheralded artists of B.C., has just been released. Mother Tongue Publishing of Saltspring Island has taken on the task of writing chapters of our art history that have fallen through the cracks, and Uhthoff is the first Victoria artist to be considered. This richly illustrated book is long overdue. Read more:

the weight of dew by daniela elza

Daniela Elza at the 2013 Galiano Literary Festival

Daniela's June reading tour

BC Book Review- Spring 2012- Daniela's Dew Lines

Interview with Rob Taylor

Interview: BookClub Buddy

This is the Moon's Work- Diana Hayes

Continued writer’s courage seen in latest Hayes work
"Sensitive and brave, Diana Hayes risks her body and her heart."- Eliane Silverman

At the World's Edge: Curt Lang's Vancouver: 1937-1998, by Claudia Cornwall

At the World's Edge Curt Lang's Vancouver 1937-1998-Claudia Cornwall,

Photography Exhibition "Curt Lang: Vancouver 1972" - Teck Gallery, SFU Harbour Centre, 515 W. Hastings March 15th-July 15, 2012 Symposium- May 9th

Vancouver Re-Remembered, "At the World's Edge...follows the remarkable life of an East Van kid who, at sixteen, sought out Malcolm Lowry... Cornwall's note-perfect attention to detail and her seamless arrangement of voices Lang sang with, is a 'choral history'"-Michael Turner, Geist

review by Bill Jeffries

A black-and-white view of a blue-collar town Curt Lang biography-slash-memoir looks at Vancouver's past through a pair of unique eyes- by George Fetherling "skillfully written combination of biography and memoir"

Under the neon: The life and times of Downtown Poet Curt Lang

At the World's Edge--"one of 2011's 10 Great Reads"--The North Shore News-John Goodman's story:

Claudia in Conversation with Michael Boxall

The unravelling of Curt Lang's life is a fascinating journey- by Mary Ann Moore

A Bohemian Vancouver, Lost and Found

Interview with Jospeh Planta-

The Art of Breathing Underwater- Cathy Ford

the art of breathing underwater "...contains more depth than some poets manage in a dozen books."- BC Bookworld

“ a splendid book, much anticipated.”
“The drowned poet is a motif in much Canadian poetry (witness: A.M. Klein’s “The Poet as Landscape”). Cathy credits Gwendolyn MacEwen’s “The Swimmer” and “Mermaid and Ikons” in The Shadowmaker as sources. There is the intergenerational “rivering” of menses “as if, walking, walking under water. (p. 99)
This variation on theme is of particular interest, because, rather than dying, the poet opts to adapt to new environmental conditions by becoming amphibious; and in so doing, shoring up abilities she hardly knew she possessed: as mother, daughter; a child of the past and a parent; ending all wars to appreciate a troubled peace.
There are glimpses as a roman à clef in long, sinuous, carefully crafted poems, of evolution and peaceful revolution, in which League and Caucus members abound, too numerous to mention here. Now you must read them for yourselves.”
–The League of Poets Newsletter, winter 2010/2011

“Ford’s poetry is dense, luminous, and almost trance-inducing”
“The collection is filled with images of nature, literary allusions, hope for peace, and dazzling word play.”
“Ford has mastered both the long line and the short one. The pacing demands close attention, and it rewards the reader with riches.”
“ The language is precise, and as usual, Ford creates splendid images…”
“ Lifting brief passages to include in a review seems like sacrilege. These poems need to be read and savoured and pondered in their entirety. The lines wash over the reader like an incoming tide, full of possibility and promise…”
-Room of One's Own, Summer 2011

“Her commitment to feminist politics underwrites this book that, at over twenty years in the making, has the feel of a life’s work.”
“…employing the long lines that recall Adrienne Rich’s reclamation of Whitman’s line in books like An Atlas of the Difficult World, often begins with a political context…”
“the art of breathing underwater refuses Adorno’s famous contention that there can be no poetry after Auschwitz and instead holds a vital inquiry into the place for beauty after suffering and tragedy.”
-The Malahat Review- Summer, 2011
From the jurors of the 2011 Pat Lowther Memorial Award. “A few books we just have to tell you about”. 
 The Art of Breathing Underwater, Cathy Ford:  Ford confronts life with sheer elegance and weaves a majestic mantle of language.

Reviewed by Mary Ann Moore- march 2012
"At WordStorm, the monthly reading event in Nanaimo, British Columbia, where Cathy Ford was a recent featured reader, she called the publication of her book a miracle. The Art of Breathing Underwater is her first full-length book of poetry in twenty-one years."

Island Tides, Two Decades in the Making

The Life and Art of Mildred Valley Thornton by Sheryl Salloum

Short-listed for the BC Book Prize

Video Interview of Sheryl Salloum by author Michael Boxall. She talks about the life and art of Mildred Valley Thornton

VAN SUN REVIEW by Mary Ann Moore Mildred Valley Thornton: a sadly forgotten artist. Mildred Valley Thornton has drifted into obscurity since her death, but she is worth another look.

Winter 2012, Room Vol 34.4, review by Candice Fertile "...beautifully produced book with lavish illustrations, giving an excellent sense of the work of Thornton" 
"The passion with which Salloum approaches her work is palpable, and Salloum does her subject justice by articulating the menacing jungle the art world can be."

Canada History Magazine review by Beverley Tallon

A unique story not to be overlooked- Janet Nicol

Review by Daniela Elza

Interview with Sheryl Salloum about MVT on NXNW
Mildred Valley Thornton & Emily Carr
"Terrific is also a way of describing the production values of this 4th volume in the 'Unheralded" series...' "Salloum gives us a lucid, engaging account of the artist's life." "...[the book] is designed to celebrate a painter whose work is unique and to extend the boundaries for making judgements about art. This Salloum does exceptionally well."

Everything Was Good-Bye by Gurjinder Basran

Publishers Weekly:
Basran’s raw, sad debut tells the story of Meena’s struggle between her desires and her Indian family’s traditions. Basran writes with insight and humor, balancing the tragic bitterness of Meena’s struggle with an easy style that pulls the reader along.
Both hilarious and heartbreaking, Meena’s wry, dark, irreverent narrative about her coming-of-age in Vancouver’s Indo-Canadian community demands to be read aloud. Fans of Jhumpa Lahiri will want to read this first novel.
Cleveland Plain Dealer:
Basran's writing is lyrical and frequently funny, though the story is underpinned by sadness. Eloquently, she captures the search for identity and the profound experience of love and loss. Gurjinder Basran's debut novel has been compared to Jhumpa Lahiri's writing, and for good reason. This [is a] tender, thoughtfully written novel.
Shifting Cadences

Q&A with Everything Was Good-Bye's Gurjinder Basran

Penguin acquires paperback rights to Gurjinder Basran's EVERYTHING WAS GOOD-BYE

Three Weeks in a Row Readers Choice

Gurjinder Basran on Urban Rush 

Gurjinder Basran's novel Everything Was Good-bye has 'won' the 2011 Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize. Check out the following links:

Covergirl December 2010-The Art of Storytelling: Gurjinder Basran - Darpan Magazine by Jyoti Sahota

The Life and Art of George Fertig-Mona Fertig

Adrian Dix's 12 Or So Books For Christmas 2013

"The pictures of the painters make the book worth reading alone, but the story of Fertig – artist and outsider – his efforts to succeed and his determination to find his own path make this a special book fo me."

Forgotten artist George Fertig finally feted

Inner Light of the Glowing Object
George Fertig paintings were 'beliefs waiting for the world'

The Life and Art of Frank Molnar, Jack Hardman & Leroy Jensen

By Eve Lazarus, Claudia Cornwall & Wendy Newbold Patterson, Introduction By Max Wyman, #2 In The Unheralded Artists Of Bc Series

"Series focuses on unsung B.C. artists"

Rescued From the Scrapheap
Volumes That Tell B.C.'s Story
Unheralded Artists- BC Bookworld

4 Poets: Daniela Elza, Peter Morin, Al Rempel, Onjana Yawnghwe

"I love '4 poets' I've been reading and re-reading the poems, which are wonderful for their freshness, wide range of form, and originality in content."-Poet and writing instructor Lorrraine Gane "4 Poets: Simple Title and Satisfying Poetry, Getting to know them on something akin to an intimate level is due to the innovative way that Mona Fertig, the publisher, presents their work." - Tanya Lester, Gulf Islands Driftwood

"Reclaiming language, and the sacred white space between words, spoken and written. That seems to be the unifying thread that enlivens this remarkable collection of poetry by newcomers Daniela Elza, Peter Morin, Al Rempel, and Onjana Yawnghwe. These poets recognize the integral relationship between land and language, language and perception, perception and memory. Their work is a much-needed breath of fresh air in Canadian poetry. " - Arthur Joyce,

The Life and Art of David Marshall-Monika Ullmann

"It is very substantial, well-illustrated, well-written and convincing." - Alan Twigg, BC Bookworld "This important book reveals David Marshall as a sculptor of certain strength, whose art grew throughout his lifetime to achieve a level of simplicity and power that arise from a clear statement of form and mass with absolute fidelity to each of the media -- wood, stone and bronze -- in which he worked. He is one of a generation of late modernists who have just left us -- one thinks of Chillida or Oteiza in Spain, for example -- whose work will endure. His accomplishment deserves to be better known in Canada, and at its best merits recognition worldwide." -Barry Lord, President of Lord Cultural Resources, author of The History of Painting in Canada: Toward a People's Art. Rescuer of BC's Lost Artists-

Rocksalt, An Anthology Of Contemporary BC Poetry

"Poetry Bonanza. This book includes some of the provinces rising stars of poetry, such as Sean Horlor, whose work always presents social issues in a thicker, deeper, stickier contemplative context. If you live in BC and read poetry, pick up a copy." Geist, review by Daniel Zomparelli, "This book shows the brute strength of poets and poetry culture within B.C. For whoever thinks that poetry is fizzling out in B.C., I keep this book with me to slap them in the face with."

"Two editors accomplish mission impossible. It's generous, it's eclectic, it's welcome."-BC Bookworld.

"I think Rocksalt may be the best poetry anthology I've read (and having been an English teacher, I've read a few)."-Muse Book Reviews Blog

Hale & Hefy. " Rocksalt's poets may live here, but their collective vision smashes barriers. Let us hope this parade draws a crowd."- Vancouver Review. Editor's Choice. "Everything here from the gorgeous cover to the authors' musings to the poems themselves deserves to be savoured."-Vancouver Sun.