Our Happy Authors

“What an extraordinary publisher Mona Fertig is ! She was with me heart and soul during every step of the publishing process of my novel, The Dancehall Years. It was as if she entered the door of the place where the manuscript lived and, during the editing process, dwelt inside it with me and the characters.  We had discussions about what they were doing as if they were family members. At the same time, she was handling the business and design proceedings with professionalism and skill.  She checked everything with me: layout, type, images, size: the works. And then, without missing a beat, she put on her third hat as publicity manager and, as such, deftly arranged launches, readings and interviews. She had the consideration to arrange bookings that weren't too close together so that, as a senior writer, I've been able to pace myself.  And her salespeople are doing a great job. The warehouse has moved 1000 copies of the novel since it was published in June, and we're going into a second printing! I'm writing this on Thanksgiving weekend, 2016. At the top of the list, I'm thankful for Mona. ”–Joan Haggerty: The Dancehall Years

“I’ve published many books over the years, with an assortment of publishers, and I have to say that working with Mona at Mother Tongue has been a stellar experience. She is organized, intelligent, and pragmatic; but most of all she is enthusiastic. From editing to design, from proof-reading to promotion, she included me in the decision-making. She sent regular updates, kept to the schedule she'd set up at the beginning of the process, and was true to her word -- this is not always the case with publishers! I'm grateful that she accepted my manuscript (a novella, which is not a popular form these days!) and that she gave it the kind of attention a writer dreams of for their book.”–Theresa Kishkan: Patrin and Euclid’s Orchard & Other Essays

"As well, as a publisher, she combines a very fine literary mind with amazing organizational skills. She pays attention to practical details and yet has the imagination to enter her writers’ works and let them blossom. I fully appreciate her work with me, her ability to provide a firm, but flexible structure to the process of bringing a book to the public. I’ve not had a more sympathetic and encouraging guide and feel most fortunate. I repeat myself when I say Mona is visionary and pragmatic." Patrick Friesen: a short history of crazy bone

"MTP and Mona Fertig gave me the opportunity to write and publish The Life and Art of David Marshall, and offered support and professional expertise from beginning to end. MTP actively supported me in all aspects of writing the Ms, sourcing the images, arriving at a coherent design and finally, doing everything to promote the book with numerous readings, ads, and reviews in major news outlets. Furthermore, it was all done in a delightful spirit of optimism and enthusiasm. The times they may be changing, but professional publishing like MTP's will always be needed." –Monika Ullmann: The Life and Art of David Marshall

“Mother Tongue Publishing is a wonderful and truly distinct boutique publishing experience. MTP actively partners with their authors throughout the publication and promotional process to ensure the product and process are in line with the author's vision. Working with Mona and her team on Everything Was Good-bye was a pleasure and privilege.”- Gurjinder Basran: Everything Was Good-Bye

"From acceptance letter to royalty cheques, I was impressed with Mona Fertig's energy and engagement with my poetry. She answers emails in a timely manner, she makes great suggestions for final edits, she makes sure the text is reproduced faithfully and into a beautiful product, and then continues to promote the book after it's printed. Mother Tongue Publishing creates quality books, and it shows. You're in good hands when you sign on with her. " –Al Rempel: 4 poets

"Mother Tongue Publishing does not just delight with the care and love they show in the making of their books, but with the care and love they show their authors. Having my debut book of poetry published with Mother Tongue Publishing was not only a pleasant and exhilarating experience but one in which I learned a lot. Mona Fertig was not just the publisher, she was an enabler and a helper through out the whole process. She listened to what I envisioned for my book and helped make it a reality within the vision of her publishing house. This journey did not end with the publication of the book. She supported me through numerous bookings, readings and my book tour. I did not feel for a moment abandoned, or orphaned. She booked launches, submitted my book for reviews, sent my book out for awards, made sure I get paid when I can. A year later she is still giving me advice when I ask for it. I feel embraced by Mother Tongue Publishing and I feel I have become part of their family. I am a Mother Tongue Publishing daughter who has now many brothers and sisters."– Daniela Elza: 4 poets, the weight of dew, Force Field

"Mona's the BOMB!  Encouragement, support, and plain hard working that you don't see much any more.  Can't imagine ever working with any other publishing company!" –Barry Peterson: 111 West Coast Literary Portraits

“ Books aren’t just commodities; the profit motive is often in conflict with the aims of art. We live in capitalism, its power seems inescapable – but then, so did the divine right of kings. Any human power can be resisted and changed by human beings. Resistance and change often begin in art. Very often in our art, the art of word"—Ursula  Le Guin

Never have I met a publisher so close to this ideology as Mona. She is a beautiful writer and publisher that aims to create real word art. It was a privilege and honor to work with Mona. Her kindness and dedication are one of a kind that every writer, new and established, deserves to experience in their career.
”–Kerry Gilbert: Tight Wire

“Mona Fertig is deeply committed to publishing books with high quality production values. As an author, I deeply appreciated that I was consulted regarding the choice of cover. Mother Tongue's promotions for my book were impressive. Mona works hard to secure readings for authors and to have them participate in readers' and writers' festivals. She is a publisher with a big smile who is always positive, encouraging, and energizing.”–Sheryl Salloum: The Life and Art of Mildred Valley Thornton

"Mother Tongue Publishing is an amazing publisher that cares deeply about their writers. Working with this publisher is akin to coming home, to a place where someone cares about you and wants the best for your work. My experience with MTP has been an important one and has set the standard to what the relationship between writer and publisher should be; MTP deeply engages with the work and waters the roots of the text. Mona is an amazing, energetic superwoman who does it all with grace, intelligence and enthusiasm. A wonderful publisher."–Onjana Yawnghwe: 4 poets

"One of the first and most striking people I met in the outer Gulf Islands was a person who found water, a water finder, a well proofer, chasing the gift of life, against all the odds.  A discerning eye, a decided strategy, a dedicated profession, no matter what the status quo. This then, became my experience working with Mona Fertig as the publisher, editor, designer, promotions guru, sales heart, and overall electrical powersurge at Mother Tongue Publishing. Mother Tongue discovers commitment, unearths brilliance, provokes the wellspring, and values a long memory, as well as the experimental edge, the new voice. This is a publisher who keeps to her choices, follows her intuition, has faith with the cutting edge, structures the impossible, and achieves small, but persistent works of miracle proportion. As an author planted in Mother Tongue's garden, or a stone in Mother Tongue's creekbed, one feels grateful, sincerely humbled to be in the company of visionaries, lost and found and nurtured. It is an unusual, and lifeforce publishing house that dedicates itself to the poetic obsessions, as well as to the visual arts, and their makers. Furthermore, Mother Tongue treats the author, and the artist, as the first concern, right after the work itself. And gets the contractual agreement, the royalty statement, the beautiful beautiful book done on timeand in style. Life should be like this." – Cathy Ford: the art of breathing underwater

“Several years ago I was extremely happy to hear that Mother Tongue Publishing was interested in including ‘The Life and Art of Harry and Jessie Webb’ to the Unheralded Artists of BC Series, and consider myself very fortunate to have been able to write the story of my parents and their art. The book owes its existence to Mona’s impressive energy, focus and commitment.”–Adrienne Brown: The Life and Art of Harry and Jessie Webb

“I was impressed at the number and quality of the events that you organized for the launch of the book; using modern techniques and personal interaction such as social media to get the word out about the book and the events/launches  - and that you are - and always have been - truly dedicated to the promotion of BC writers.  You know quality and you work hard to bring the best possible product to the markets.” –Blaise Enright: 111 West Coast Literary Portraits

"As a new member of the Mother Tongue Publishing family, I am overwhelmed at joining a community of writers I have long admired and respected. Mona Fertig has been marvellous to work with, focused (and fun) in her approach to everything from story structure to each design detail. She’s the brilliant fire behind MTP; her commitment and dedication has been a blessing and an inspiration.–Eufemia Fantetti: A Recipe for Disaster & Other Unlikely Tales of Love"

“ As an author of three books for Mother Tongue Publishing, I have been impressed with the professionalism of publisher Mona Fertig.  She has been supportive, efficient, and hard-working with an eye for quality text editing and stunning images, as well as ensuring that all the details for putting out a first class book are in place.”–Christina Johnson-Dean: The Life and Art of Mary Filer

 Just a quick word to express how pleased I’ve been to work with you and Mother Tongue Publishing.  I’m grateful for all the energy, care and editorial attention you and the production team put into the Literary Storefront book, and continue to devote to it now that the book is out in the world. I don’t know another Canadian publisher that puts as much hard work into promoting a new book as your press.  In more than 25 years of publishing, I’ve not had as warm and enthusiastic a reception for any other of my books here in B.C. or elsewhere in the country. You’ve done a wonderfully professional job.  My deepest thanks; it’s great to be part of the Mother Tongue publishing family.”–Trevor Carolan: The Literary Storefront: The Glory Years 1978-1985

“Mother Tongue has published an incredible range of material, from poetry to fiction to biography, but with a common intent - to proclaim unheard voices and celebrate the lost artistic legacy of our province of British Columbia. Mona Fertig's fine editorial judgement and high standards in production and design make these books a pleasure to handle and to read. For me personally as an author it's been a wonderful journey with Mona ending up with seeing my book in print, and I'm privileged to join the group of talented writers on Mother Tongue's inspiring list.”–Peter Busby: The Life and Art of Jack Akroyd

"As soon as I signed the contract with Mother Tongue Publishing, I knew I was in good hands. Mona Fertig is one of the most professional and genuine people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Mona and MTP allowed me to share my creativity, while at the same time mentoring me step-by-step through the publishing process. Mona sets a high standard for beautiful books and goes above and beyond to make sure this standard is upheld, while still keeping the writer’s vision at the forefront; this is no easy task. In my opinion, Mother Tongue Publishing is essential to all BC writers and I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to give my first book such a grand home."–Chelene Knight: Braided Skin

"It has been an honour and inspiration working with Mother Tongue Publishing.  Not only does Publisher Mona Fertig creatively identify people and ideas that need to be brought forth, she envisions a quality of presentation that is superior. She has managed (largely single-handedly) the often complex and tricky task of coordinating professionals from writers and editors to photographers and book designers to achieve excellent results within tight time lines.  She has also done a sterling job of getting the cooperation of (often very busy) staff in museums, archives, and galleries as well as family members of artists to acquire the art and documents necessary for the story.  Along with husband Peter Haase, countless hours have then been spent to launch and publicize the books – no mean feat. As a writer, I found her unfailingly supportive, collaborative, insightful, and open during the entire process.  Brava to a small publisher who has added so much to recognizing worthwhile Canadian history and culture!"
Christina Johnson-Dean The Life and Art of Ina D.D.Uhthoff and The Life and Art of Edythe Hembroff-Schleicher

"While trade publishers are increasingly turning down books that lack mass market appeal, movie options or foreign rights potential, Mona actively seeks out poets, first-time writers and unrecognized artists. I am proud to be one of Mona’s writers. She was a pleasure to work with, the entire process was seamless, and her books are exquisitely beautiful collector’s books that add to the richness of our history and culture.”– Eve Lazarus: The Life & Art of Frank Molnar, Jack Hardman, LeRoy Jensen

"Working with Mona and her team at Mother Tongue Publishing on Lucky, my first novel, has been both thrilling and educational. The process was well organized, well supported and buoyed by Mona's good will and enthusiasm. She genuinely cares. It was an unforgettable experience for which I am most grateful. Thank you, Mona. You're the best!
–Kathryn Para: Lucky

"Mona Fertig puts heart and soul into what she does. Her books are beautiful; like beloved children, they shine! At Mother Tongue, the publishing process is  a genuinely collaborative effort. I know that my book, At the World’s Edge, benefitted greatly as a result. I don’t think anyone else could have could have turned my manuscript into a better book." –Claudia Cornwall: At the World's Edge Curt Lang's Vancouver 1937-1998

"I am an artist and a painter. I have worked with one publisher–Mona Fertig of Mother Tongue Publishing, and it was an honor for me.  Mona Fertig enabled me to tell the story of my mentor, LeRoy Jensen, and to honor his life and work. That was the main purpose of our relationship.  But for me, it was life-changing. I am sure I was a challenge for her. She patiently taught me many new skills to accomplish that goal. She helped me recognize and access abilities that I had neglected. She helped me organize my research and material about LeRoy, find language for pivotal experiences in his life, but also identify and express my own sensations in my development as a creative person.  I am eternally grateful to her."–Wendy Newbold-Patteron: The Life and Art of Molnar, Hardman, Jensen