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What the Critics Say About Mona Fertig's Writing;

"The genuine intensity of Fertig's blast-furnace imagination transforms chunks of traditional symbolism into fiery new weapons of poetry."-Bruce Pirie-Canadian Literature

"This tension between a deathless lack of reality and a sudden hallucinatory hope gives Releasing the Spirit its manic power, as if the mind were blurring up and down a staff of music."-Barry Dempster-Poetry Canada review

"Mango Woman is a gentle celebration of unabashed eroticism…Fertig evokes both exotic and domestic fantasies and sexual dramas with an irrepressible wit and irresistible imagery."-Sandra McKenzie-Gulf Island Driftwood.

"When it comes to erotic writing, Mona Fertig makes the rule. And she does it by breaking them. Let the reader beware." -Robert Kroetsch

“Voluptuous, luscious, fertile, bursting with life. of this book is in the author’s ability to cut right to the bone. This is the truest, barest, most emotionally accurate account I have ever read of a mother’s grief and fury at the discovery of her child in danger. Fertig’s mastery of the metaphor is breathtaking. Fertig’s truth-laser voice is searing in its honesty, beautiful and brave...” -Karen X. Tulchinsky for The Vancouver Sun. Aug. 1998, reviewing Sex, Death & Travel-Oolichan Books.

“Sex, Death & Travel” is a daunting name for a book of poetry. It is Mona Fertig’s first book of poetry after a 12 year absence. 12 years is a long time. But the verdict is such: Fertig is more than equal to her topics. I feel denied for not having a book for each of the 12 passed years, but Fertig’s words were worth the wait.”- Andrea Blundell, 1998.

"Sex, Death & Travel should take its place as one of the most attractively designed poetry books this year. Printed on the wrap-around French covers is a painting by Fertig's father, a man who worked mostly in obscurity. Its a stunning cover-image and a fitting introduction to the unusually vibrant prose poems gathered inside." -Gary Geddes, BC Bookworld

Top Ten Poetry Books - Number One Book of 1998-99, "Sex, Death & Travel"-Mona Fertig, Literary News Network- “From Down Under, through a looking glass that sets on fire familial heart and hearth, Fertig has explored the Big Three with such lucid intensity and fierce attention that the page is in danger of igniting: "In the mirror and out, slips truth, foreboding, exalting." And magnificent." - Penn Kemp

"Sex, Death & Travel is a well-crafted triptych, resonates so sincerely and truthfully..." - Cherie Thiessen, Focus on Women Magazine 1998

"At times Fertig displays absolute mastery of timing within the prose poem, using italics to lift words, as literally read, out of the commonplace into a world lit by the luminosity of her images." -Harold Rhenisch, Poetry Reviews Page 1998

From the jurors of the 2011 Pat Lowther Memorial Award. “A few books we just have to tell you about”. Here is a list of Lowther entries which we wanted to mention:
The Unsettled, Mona Fertig: With kindness and skill, Fertig takes the reader places where most would turn a blind eye.

“I have always been struck by three qualities in Mona Fertig’s poetry: a sensuousness, an honouring of the sometimes beautiful, sometimes awkwardly real world at the poet’s feet, and a spiritual density that cracks through anywhere. Mona has one of the strongest voices among our poets, and that is why the publishing of The Unsettled is an occasion. In these new poems Fertig’s vision spirals through the world we inhabit, catching different aspects of it in its lyrical nets, but especially the contradictory worlds confronting us here on the western edge of this continent: worlds of progress and wilderness, men and women, youth and age, comedy and tragedy. Nowhere is this more evident than in the volume’s stunning, closing hymn to Salt Spring Island, ‘This is Paradise.’”–John Lent

"The new poems [The Unsettled] are beautiful, dark. You know the shadows, the joys. Many thanks for sharing your visions."– Robert Kroetsch, 2010

The Unsettled-Relit Longlist 2011