New David Marshall website

David and Carraras
David and Three Carrara Marbles in his backyard in Vancouver, circa 2000

David Marshall was a good friend of my fathers. Their friendship spanned decades.
As intense artists, they would work deeply, reflect, then meet every month, sometimes every week, to talk about the forms their art took.

David’s work has never been recognized in this province. There are some sculptures at the Van Dusen Gardens.
I went there this summer and the three sculptures on the cover of our book have been very poorly placed and have no signage. They are
by the entrance into the gardens, next to the new building.

Another good friend of David’s, George Drake, has just put up a website that has some very interesting history
about George’s passion and fight, to see David’s name reach beyond the BC borders. He has done a lot of work documentation of
David’s art. Take a look.