Galiano Literary Festival Publisher's Prize

Mother Tongue Publishing presented the inaugural Galiano Literary Festival Publisher’s Prize to BRICK Books
for consistently publishing excellent books and for treating their authors with respect.

We were honoured the year before and thought the idea was a fitting one to continue...

The best publisher is
a gatekeeper
a family
a financier
a launchpad
a listener
a hustler
a visionary

We often celebrate and award our authors but rarely honour our publishers.

Galiano Lit Fest Prize-Brick Books

British Columbia at Work

British Columbia at Work

Exhibition by the Labor Arts Guild at the Vancouver Art Gallery,
1944 featured over 140 artists

Titles of work were included:
Picking Onion Seed
Loading the Log Barge
Cows in the Barn
The Mill
Counting the Sheep
Loggers in Town
Rivetters at Work
Night Shift
Trapping in Northern BC
Loading the Box Car
Girl Welder- Ina D.D. Uhthoff
Peat Harvest
Lamp Trimmer
Fisherman at Daybreak
Tulip Farming
Workers on Ferry
Native Wealth
Fish Fantasy

BC at Work exhibit 1944